Core Promoters

At the heart of any successful venture is a team of dedicated people; passionate about their profession and committed to their respective areas of work. The same stands true for MainStream which is the brain child of Sonali and Yash Madan and a group of young entrepreneurs who had a dream to be the best in whatever they pursue! This team coming from diverse backgrounds and bringing with them vast experience has provided manpower to the best of corporates in Mumbai.

Sonali Madan, brings to MainStream, her expertise from the I.T Services and Training sector. With a Bachelor’s degree in Science and a Master’s degree in Computers; she is also a certified ISO-Auditor. Her decade-long stint in leading organizations in this field has helped her to incorporate the same level and quality of service at MainStream, as in other international level organizations.

Her disciplined earnestness and SERVICE motto of ‘CLIENT comes first’ has helped MainStream to bag contracts from leading I.T. services companies and manage their manpower requirements.

With unparalleled client servicing, MainStream won many accolades and compliments from all levels in its client organizations. Her careful nurturing and team spirit has helped the company to provide the best of work-environments with people-friendly policies for its employees.

Yash PAL, has in him more than 15 years of sound domain experience in the fast-track world of Financial Services - especially Equities/Investment Banking. Equipped with a degree in Company Secretary-Ship and his expertise in leading various organizations he is an ideal person to lead MainStream into a path of high growth curve and redefine the meaning of the word “success”.

His hands-on understanding of the Financial Services helps him to understand the challenges our clients face in their manpower acquisition. His keen acumen has helped MainStream in getting the client’s perspective in the right earnest and helps them appropriately in sourcing and closing positions faster.

Both of them together make a formidable team, with a strong value-based professional way of working that was hitherto, unheard of in the recruitment industry.