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  Human Capital Consulting

While organizations around the world agree that they need to have a viable and vibrant strategy in place for marketing, manufacturing or finance, very few of them work on getting a HUMAN CAPITAL strategy, which unsurprisingly is the most important.

Important would be an understatement…it is rather critical to the sustenance of the organization itself. And not just any strategy; a strategy that is aligned with the organization’s specific business needs and is useful in furthering the long-term business goals of the company as well as help its employees to grow along with it.

It is an amalgamation of the organization’s philosophy, its vision, its processes of development and commitment to its human capital, especially in the areas of:

  • Defining the values and organizational culture that will be the hallmark of the company and its way of functioning.
  • Defining the people who they want to attract, engage, and retain and how that will be done.
  • Defining clearly the pay and incentives that will be provided to the employees.
  • Defining the benefit programs that will provide the appropriate level of security for people and their families, especially during crisis.
  • And finally, defining the human resources function that will align the HR goals with the business strategies of the organization.

For this consultants with variegated experience are called in to develop this, through:

  • Market study/survey.
  • Hiring strategies.
  • Hiring services.
  • Training services.
  • H.R. consulting .
  • Payroll/Performance/Retention, which together provide the basis for HUMAN CAPITAL CONSULTING.

What’s your most important Business Asset?

If your answer was anything other than – your Human resources then you really need to take a harder look at your HR function and your understanding of it. The people who work for you and take your business goals to the zenith are the most crucial link in the chain of success.

Your Human Capital is undoubtedly your most important Business Asset.

When do you need Human Capital Consulting?

  • When your company, despite having the best infrastructure and other inputs has difficulties in attracting, retaining and engaging employees.
  • When the company’s bonus/incentive programs are vague or complicated and fail to motivate its employees.
  • Employees are behaving in a way that does not align with the company’s strategic goals.
  • When the career path of employees seem unclear.
  • When the performance appraisal process seems to be ineffective.
  • When there are no strong team synergies and there is a lack of effective leadership in the organization..

Human Capital Consulting helps companies to grow by aligning their human capital strategy with their business strategy.

What are its processes?

1. Market Study/survey.

  • Facilitate the collection and analysis of market data to provide long term and short plans and forecast to meet an organization’s mission.
  • Assist in manpower planning by assessing company present and future needs (and resources).

2. Hiring Strategies.

  • Defining job titles, job descriptions and hiring just the right person for each position.

3. Hiring Services.

  • Undertaking analysis to determine skills necessary for performing the job.
  • Assisting in reviewing and updating job descriptions.
  • Designing job descriptions (for new and current roles).

4. Training Services.

  •  Individual career path outline ,advancement guidelines and training needs fulfillment.

5. H.R. Consulting.

  • Performance evaluation.
  • Career path design.
  • Organizational structuring.
  • Management and leadership development.
  • Assessment of organizational culture and recommendations for improvement.

6. Hiring Audits.

  • Study the complete Hiring process, turn around time at each stage, bottlenecks and process improvements.


  • Compensation plan design (basic pay, long-term and short-term incentives, bonuses etc).
  • New partner admission (shares, stock options etc).
  • Equity plan design.
  • Designing an appropriate performance incentive plan.

MainStream analyzes your business strategy, mission, vision and organizational dynamics, and provides hands-on, practical, tailor-made solutions for a results-oriented human capital strategy that drives your business to success.

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