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The Remarkably Rising Recruitment Industry!

The Indian Recruitment sector is pitched at being an industry worth Rs 2000 crores, by 2010 with the highest grosser being the consultants in IT and Financial Services. This rapid growth rate of these two sectors along with the growing economy means that the recruitment industry is really going to go great guns in the future and anyone who has been watching the market can clearly see the potential in this industry. Annual salary increment in the year gone by has been to the tune of 30-35 percent, something that even developed nations are keen to achieve.

Internationally, too the HR industry has done very well in the last two years and its domino effect can be seen in the domestic front also. With an increasing number of multinationals coming to the Indian shores, the recruitment scene in India is like never before.

Staffing demand has been on the rise in almost all sectors, especially in banking, insurance, IT, telecom, retail and financial services industry. With  the Indian average age of employment going down to 29 as compared to 37 in China the industry is sizing up to lap up the potential.

As of today, ‘RECRUITMENT’ is the most vibrant sector with recruiters being able to earn up to 150 % of their salary in incentives alone!

Well, after this brief overview of the recruitment industry, the next logical question is to ask which agency should an aspiring recruiter join, so that the can bring in the maximum results from this growing sector! This is a critical question to consider, when one thinks of making a career for oneself as a consultant in the recruitment industry.