Search Methodology

The typical search methodology for hiring the right candidate with any good HR firm goes as follows and MainStream is no exception; but this is just a mere standard of procedures which keeps on evolving and changing according to exclusive client needs:

  • Get the Job Specifications from the Client regarding the job details and requirements
  • Understand, Analyze and discuss the client’s needs and create an appropriate Search Strategy
  • Source Candidates as per Job Specifications
  • Shortlist Applications and Resumes
  • Interview and evaluate the Screened Applications and Resumes
  • Send the details to the Client
  • Schedule the interview and other rounds
  • Get Feedback from the client
  • Updating the candidate and client
  • Making the Offer - The Close of the recruitment process
We go a step further to understand clearly the client’s company culture, the position to be filled, the required background , experience and soft skills required for the specific job.
Our highly qualified team of talent sourcers, recruiters and client managers handle the process with exceptional dexterity while balancing the company’s requirements, compensation trends in the market and the candidate’s expectations.
Complete confidentiality is maintained during the entire process. Our seamless service and vast experience along with the market intelligence on availability of the right candidate enables us to get a “Winning” combination at all times!
Close consultation with key decision makers both in the initial analysis of the company’s needs and in the process of assessing candidates, allows us to recruit effortlessly for positions at the  junior, senior and middle levels of management.
A regular detailed status reports on the progress or the search for candidates is provided to the clients.
Provision for detailed written and verbal reports of each candidate’s profile and assessment, alongwith broad reference checks is also available.


Our methodology stresses on maintaining transparency in the entire process of searching and recruitment; between the client and the candidates. Our search methodology is in all; simple, effective and result oriented.