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Mainstream Approach

We have developed strategic recruiting processes based on our experience in the past two decades. These processes help us in offering the best recruiting and placement services to our clients in a variety of market sectors and help them hire the best in the industry.

1. Client’s Need Analysis

The success of any mandate directly depends on how well one understands the client need. We ensure that we have complete clarity on the role, responsibilities, criticality of the function, goals and expectations from an employee before we work on any requirement. Beyond this, as an essential practice we also understand the work culture of the organization. Using these inputs an organization specific and job specific internal work description is developed and used to screen the right profiles. An appropriate communication brief describing the opportunity and the organization is designed and shared with potential candidates.

MainStream provides a unique proposition to any new bank or financial services organization with market landscape and right positioning to attract the best trained talent.

2. Market Mapping

We keep a close watch on the industry movements. Market Mapping forms an exclusive part of the Retained Searches. It is an in-depth analysis of the candidate pool and provides a strategic overview of the supply side enabling the Clients in making critical hiring decisions with clarity. The Market Mapping exercise combines tailor-made research, detailed analysis and domain intelligence to find the topmost talent within a particular function and industry.

3. Sourcing

Our in-house proprietary database is a massive collection of quality candidate profiles. The relevant talent from this extensive database is matched with our internal work description and scrutinized for culture fit for each prospective job opportunity. We also source candidates from a variety of sources like social media sites, niche job boards, online job seeker communities, referrals etc. Apart from this, if required, we further source through other conventional and non-conventional channels as well.

4. Shortlisting

After creating a pool of candidates who meet the desirable criteria as listed in our internal job specifications, we do an in-depth scrutiny through multiple rounds of discussions to understand their skills, experience, aspirations and work ethics. If required we do a due diligence of prospective candidates, through known fraternity in our close networks, before proposing them for different job profiles. As a practice for exclusive or retained search mandates, we seek support of Senior professionals with expertise in that particular domain for better assessment of candidates.

5. Alignment and Closure

This is the final stage of the process once the most suited Candidate has been finalized by the Client. We balance the expectations of the Candidate and what the Organization has to offer and bring an alignment between the two leading to a smooth closure. Our team handholds the candidate for a hassle-free transition to the Joining stage. We maintain a connect with the client even after candidate Joining in order to review the progress of the new relationship between the candidate and the organization.

Over 20 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.