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The MainStream Search Practice focuses on leadership and mid level hiring for Companies. We provide clients with different engagement mechanisms suiting their search needs. These search engagements can be based on the number of positioned to be filled, criticality of the position, requirement of a customized process and team and other such factors.


Retainership services are taken up by clients when they are looking at hiring for niche or leadership roles. Clients engage with MainStream considering the sensitivity of such positions since it is important for portraying the right image of the company along with the confidentiality and discretion required. We are also approached by clients for retainership services when they have already conducted an extensive search and are still unable to find a match as per their expectations.

MainStream’s Retainership Search Engagements provide assurance of results within mutually agreed timelines. Our team works in close partnership with the client through till the placement.


MainStream’s Contingency Search service follows a proactive approach for its existing clients where based on our understanding of the organization’s business goals and growth plans, we plan a talent pipeline with the relevant candidates way ahead of time. When these positions are opened for hiring by the client, our ready pipeline helps in closing them with a quick turnaround.

Project Sourcing Services

MainStream’s Project Sourcing is a customized service specifically for need based manpower solutions. There are instances when clients engage with us either for specified roles, project, function or for supporting them with time based sourcing. In such cases, the clients need not get into annual contracts but only get associated for delivering on the specified needs. Project Sourcing sets the team directly into action from the word go by bringing down the long process of getting an hiring partner onboarded.

Over 20 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.