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Sector/ Industry Focus

Sector/ Industry Focus

Each industry has its own nuances and complexities that make it unique. These are determined not only by the specialist domain talent needs but also through the distinct recruitment measures, management approach and compensation practices.

Our extensive experience and depth of operational expertise acquired over the years of working with top professionals of the best of companies across different industries has enabled us to successfully deliver solutions in those industries. We have developed expertise across the following Key Industry Segments:

Banking & Financial Services

The Indian Financial sector is one of the most developed and diversified sectors in the world. With the constantly changing norms and increasing complexity, the need for talent with versatility along with domain expertise is also growing exponentially. The Banking and Financial Sector has been our expertise since inception. We take pride in our strong relationships established over the past two decades which make us a preferred recruitment partner for our clients.

Investment Banking   |   Corporate Banking   |   Broking House   |  NBFC     Insurance   |   Wealth Management   |  Consumer Banking

Information Technology

The IT landscape across the globe is an ever expanding and innovating one. These developments have transformed businesses and the personal lives worldwide. Today, India is ranked as one of the biggest IT talent centers of the world. With the Industry buzzing with a mix of established companies and a leading line-up of startups, the need for highly skilled and experienced talent has accelerated over the years. We successfully cater to the modern agile needs of businesses in this sector.

Product Development   |   IT Consulting   |   IT Service   |  Data Science     Artificial Intelligence   |   Machine Learning & Deep Learning   |  IT Infrastructure

Information Technology Enables Services (Outsourcing and Offshoring)

India has been the focal point for Global businesses as a trusted and valued destination for Outsourcing and Offshoring services. These capabilities over time have evolved with elevation in technology and rising focus on customer driven economy worldwide. Technology innovations have redefined roles and tasks and have led to businesses reworking their operations and outsourcing tasks.

From call-centers and back-end processing, the industry has now evolved to reflect mature market offerings which offer an end-to-end view of the processes and work on improving productivity, by providing efficiency gains through robotics, automation, analytics, artificial intelligence, and digitization. We help our clients source the right type of talent for the variety of roles they offer.

  Captive Centers of Banks and Financial Services   |   Third party service providers

Support Function Roles

Few functional roles override industry boundaries because of their universal nature making them common across various sectors. Our Consultants don’t take the one-size-fits all approach and understand the unique and specific challenges in a seemingly similar position. They have extensive experience recruiting for such positions across different industries.

Human Resources   |   Finance and Accounting   |   Marketing and Branding   |  Legal     IT Management  

Real Estate / Construction

The Real Estate Sector being the most dynamic of all Sectors in India has been creating waves with every economic tide. With International funding commencing in the sector, there has been a splurge of investments over the last few years. This also led to infusion of talent from other industries. Even then, it is still considered as one of the most unstructured Sectors when it comes to operational as well as talent strategy.

At MainStream, we thrive on our strong ties with talent across the real estate industry, which keeps us deep rooted with the dynamics of this Sector leading to successful solutions for our clients.